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Dream America Lease to Own

Dream America Lease Program

The goal of Dream America is to encourage home ownership. The goal of the Dream America Program is to help renters become homeowners. Once accepted, you work with a neighborhood real estate agent to select any home you like that falls within your approved spending limit. After that, Dream America will buy the house and lease it back to you while you wait to get approved for a mortgage.

Apply and get pre-qualified in 5 minutes. It’s free to apply and won’t impact your credit score. Provide income and savings documents to the Dream Team to get fully approved

Pick any home listed for sale in available cities. Dream America will purchase that home and lease it to you for 12 months

You can cancel the lease penalty-free and buy your home at any time! There is no minimum rental period when you buy

If you still aren't ready to buy at the end of the lease, don't worry! As long as you have been paying your rent on time each month, you can renew for another year

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