What you should know

Do your real estate homework!HOA Communities and Deed  Restrictions

Homeowner Associations and condominium complexes maintain their own set of standards for living in that community. In a subdivision with deed restrictions an owner is required to abide by the standards set forth for that community. These 'community standards' would have been established by the original developer and then potentially modified throughout the years by board members or membership vote. If you are not familiar with homeowners or condominium associations it is best to ask for a set of the community standards in advance of contract. These documents are published public records, but then can be hard to find.  If you would like the help of a professional realtor who can help get you these documents, please fill in the information below along with the community you are interested in and we will get you what you need!

You MUST abide by the rules!

Make sure your agent provides you with copies of any and all of the deed restrictions, covenant documents, as well as the financial budget for the community. 

We have you covered!

We will make sure you are provided with these documents, typically within the inspection period of the contract!